Monday, June 23, 2014

Out of control

can totally see how people become hoarders.........I mean can a girl ever have too many vintage aprons???

Or fun Pyrex~

Or how about these guys?

I believe the answer is absolutely can't ever have too many goodies, right?? I know I never get tired of searching high and low for treasures, BUT (and that's a huge but) (not that kind of butt...get your head out of the gutter) a girl can run out of room and get dirty looks from the hubby for bringing home ANOTHER *^@•;* (insert any number of things here). So we are working hard to get things ready for the shop and the sooner the better!!!! Hopefully people will be in the buying mood.....fingers crossed! 

The plan is to get things flowing to our Etsy shop by this weekend.....unless there is a really good sale somewhere ;) 

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