Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hello is anyone out there?


No? Well I don't blame ya!! You could say we have been missing from blog land for ya know.... Just a few YEARS!!!! What?! How did that happen? I guess life is how it happened:) Well just because we have been MIA doesn't mean we haven't been dreaming up new projects! We have been busy bees and we have found an obsession or maybe passion is a better word.... (shhhhh don't tell anyone it really is an obsession) for all things vintage. Mom and I have been hitting up auctions, tag sales, estate sales, garage sales, Good Will, Salvation Army, grandma's closet ect....ect .... You get the drift and finding soooooo many yummy vintage goodies that we decided we better start sharing our treasures with you! We are running out of room for our lovelies..... so we are busy cleaning, listing, crafting, and dreaming up new things for our Etsy shop. We are so excited to share our love for vintage with you. Be patient with us as we get our shop back up and running. Please stop by the blog and our shop often and check on our progress. 

Just a few of our yummy finds:)


Dee Tollaksen said...

There are still people out here, with your blog in our readers. So, bring it on!

Makin' Me Crazy said...

Yipeeee!! It's been way too long!! Glad to hear someone is still out there:)