Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crazy wife.....crazy life

Our life is a little crazy right now. We are slowly remodeling our house which means our bathroom is torn apart, our basement is half way done, and for fun we started putting in our pool. I always have LOTS of half done projects! It's how I work :/

Our back yard this morning...

Ava had fun finding friends.....yuck!

and here is the progress we made.... I say "we", but I really mean the progress two of my favorite guys made .... My hubby and my dad! 

Our life might be crazy, but that's ok. I can't wait until the pool is in and we can enjoy it!! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Estate Sale..... this way!

There is something about seeing one of these that makes my heart go pitter patter....

You just never know what treasures you'll find and I love to hear the stories that go with them. 

We did a little three generation Estate saling (is that a word?) today. My mom and oldest daughter both got to go and we had a good time! It was fun even though we didn't find many treasures. We did enjoy looking and we scored a pink chenille bedspread.... Which I didn't get a picture of, but LOOOOVE... Score!!!

Here are the other things I found today...told you it wasn't much! I am going to add the little Santa mug to my creepy Santa the kids call it. The best part about Santa in June is that he was free:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sloooow going:/

I am trying to figure out what I did today?!?! It seems like I didn't accomplish much.....except I DID make a HUGE mess of my house...yikes!! Most of my day was spend taking pictures like this....

                                                                   and this.....

oh and this cutie......

Then POOF the whole day was gone. Who would think a few pictures would take up sooooo much time??

I did manage to squeeze in a few other things. Like taking this girl to VBS :)

isn't she cute?

Oh and let's not forget that I let this girl practice driving a LITTLE bit today....

I think it's safe to say we better get practicing LOTS more...just kidding (kinda). Drivers training is coming up next month!! They grow up way too fast. Where did my little babies go?

So what fun things did YOU do today??? 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Out of control

can totally see how people become hoarders.........I mean can a girl ever have too many vintage aprons???

Or fun Pyrex~

Or how about these guys?

I believe the answer is absolutely can't ever have too many goodies, right?? I know I never get tired of searching high and low for treasures, BUT (and that's a huge but) (not that kind of butt...get your head out of the gutter) a girl can run out of room and get dirty looks from the hubby for bringing home ANOTHER *^@•;* (insert any number of things here). So we are working hard to get things ready for the shop and the sooner the better!!!! Hopefully people will be in the buying mood.....fingers crossed! 

The plan is to get things flowing to our Etsy shop by this weekend.....unless there is a really good sale somewhere ;) 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hello is anyone out there?


No? Well I don't blame ya!! You could say we have been missing from blog land for ya know.... Just a few YEARS!!!! What?! How did that happen? I guess life is how it happened:) Well just because we have been MIA doesn't mean we haven't been dreaming up new projects! We have been busy bees and we have found an obsession or maybe passion is a better word.... (shhhhh don't tell anyone it really is an obsession) for all things vintage. Mom and I have been hitting up auctions, tag sales, estate sales, garage sales, Good Will, Salvation Army, grandma's closet ect....ect .... You get the drift and finding soooooo many yummy vintage goodies that we decided we better start sharing our treasures with you! We are running out of room for our lovelies..... so we are busy cleaning, listing, crafting, and dreaming up new things for our Etsy shop. We are so excited to share our love for vintage with you. Be patient with us as we get our shop back up and running. Please stop by the blog and our shop often and check on our progress. 

Just a few of our yummy finds:)