Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor baby.....

My poor little Kylie has an absessed tooth......ouch!! She doesn't complain at all. Her poor little face is so swollen, just waiting for the antibiotics to kick in!! She even smiled when she saw her very own Kylie tote. She picked out the fabric, I think she did a great job.  It's only right that the name sake got one:)
Bree wants to know where her bag is??
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Jill said...

Bless her heart! brave girl! that bag is DARLING!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Punkin! :(
Your little ones are ADORABLE. :)
I am lovin your totes! Especially this one! Good job picking out the fabric, Kylie!

Julie said...

That bag is so cute.

I am so sorry about her tooth (I have had my fair share of mouth/tooth problems and I can completely empathize.